Welcome: Afridi Meedin!

Early March, we at Align had the great pleasure of welcoming yet another star to our team. This time, a rising such, a young talent, with vast and indeed relevant experience still. Afridi Meedin. Please read his engaging introduction of himself below:

”Hey everyone, I’ll try my best to keep it short and sweet.

I go by Afridi! Mad Chelsea FC fan – Ever since I just randomly woke up one night to watch the UEFA Champions League final in 2012. Loves the likes of Remote-Control Cars, and LEGO. When the opportunity arises or my friends/family/colleagues just randomly push me to the spotlight, I turn into (or maybe I think I turn into) singing and playing the guitar like Ed Sheeran.

During my time 4-year tenure at IFS …

I started my career straight out of college at IFS as a Software Engineer in 2019. Worked in many areas of the product, with different customers with very different complexities and backgrounds. Highlight – Was part of an Oil & Gas extension (Synchronization Framework) that allowed communication between two different versions of IFS Applications. It’s called “Patch Level Engine (PLE)”.

Then came IFS Cloud in the middle of 2020! The product was fast-moving and in parallel, I was given the privilege to lead and perform a pre-study on how it will impact the Global Consulting Delivery domain. Joining hands with IFS experts from all around the world, the pre-study was finally put to the test for pioneer customers along with the 21R1 EA Release.

It was a success! My colleagues named me Mr. IFS Cloud.

This gave me the opportunity to do more within the Global Consulting Delivery domain. Such as leading large-scale customers on implementation/upgrade projects, training/onboarding IFS Internal, Partners, and Customers designing future methods and processes, Part of the core mentoring (Onboarding new IFSers), and Technical Lead panel with the vision of bringing out great leaders.

As you might guess, I see my career development at IFS as simply fantastic. I got to experience and learn a lot. Since I am somewhat impatient though, I want that development to continue at high pace. I started thinking more about consulting, combined with living abroad. Experiencing a new culture, together with my wife. When looking around for opportunities, I contacted Align, whom I met in a project a year ago, and the rest is history. Now, I am very excited to experience the cold winters of the North…

My move to Align and what I aim to do…

Talking of Align, they are best known for putting in their World Class Service even when it comes to the tiniest of assignments. Most importantly the people-put-first culture! Don’t even get me started – The list keeps on going!

With the above being said, I look forward to diving into this journey headfirst, ready to learn and grow.”

A warm welcome to us, Afridi!

Våra fantastiska kvinnliga medarbetare

DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality

Att inkludera kvinnor i teknologisk utveckling resulterar i mer kreativa lösningar och ökar sannolikheten för innovation och produkter/tjänster som passar flera.

Vi är stolta över att 40% av oss aligners är kvinnor. Ingen står i skuggan på Align, men i dag skiner det extra om våra fantastiska kvinnliga medarbetare 🧡