Welcome Methshika!

Early September, we at Align had the great pleasure of welcoming yet a new great and talented person to our team. This time, a senior developer with vast and indeed relevant experience. Methshika Abeysinghe. Please read his engaging introduction of himself below:

Hello, my good name is Methshika, and unsurprisingly, a lover of the game of Cricket from the tropical island of Sri Lanka.
It is quite natural for me to peek into cricinfo.com when Sri Lanka is playing a game and I’m not in front of the TV!
I would always enjoy being with my family, especially with my two little sons, and of course, enjoying far too long family trips to explore things, and
I would always love to visit closeby nice beach where I’m living whenever there is time to escape from the busy life.

Starting from IFS R&D and for many years

I started my career at IFS R&D center in Colombo in 2011, as a fresh graduate from the University of Colombo after I got inspired by what IFS is doing while being an intern during my time as an undergraduate. Since then I have been working on shaping up the IFS Supply Chain core product and offerings as well as supporting the customers, throughout many years while taking part in many core releases of IFS Applications.

Working closer to IFS customer

In early 2020, I had the opportunity to work exclusively for one of Swedish largest electronics retailers called NetOnNet.
It was a great opportunity to be part of their in-house ERP team while directly involved with their business and adding value through the ERP by gaining more hands-on in how the IFS Application is adopted in real day-to-day extensive business. Then I had the chance to explore the IFS Cloud when IFS was having its greatest application landscape transition while working with IFS partners and got the opportunity to work with some IFS Cloud transition of some customers by working closely with the IFS consulting team collaboratively as well.

Become an Aligner and moving to the land of vikings!

I got to know about Align while working collaboratively with the Align colleagues. I was inspired by what they do by experience and then I got this opportunity to become a part of their wonderful customer-centric and people-oriented culture. This comes with the big move into the land of Sweden with my family which would be a nice and exciting experience to embrace a new culture, language and weather.

Having said that, looking forward to this new challenge to create value for global customers while embracing a super-loving working culture!

A warm welcome to us, Methshika!

Christmas get together

🎄 Embracing the warmth of the holiday season at Align! 🌟 It has become a cherished tradition to gather for a festive Christmas dinner at the enchanting Villa Firdhem, just outside Norrköping. 🏰✨

These moments of togetherness are truly special, creating memories. Grateful for the Align team and the joy we share during this magical time. 🧡

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