We in Align Consulting AB and Align Consulting AS decided to donate, via www.nerdaid.no, to The Red Cross 💙💛

With a brand new Swedish startup, more or less every day is a positive challenge. Breaking new ground, looking at new opportunities, talking to truly engaged people. Trying to convey our message – who we are, what we can, what we stand for. The skies are bright, and it feels as if we are seemingly in a wonderful honeymoon phase.

Naturally, all honeymoons come to an end. Tougher times will come, where we will have to prove to customers and employees that we walk the talk. That we are good and competent. That our values are truly our values.

In a sense, we have now reached that latter point much faster than expected. Russia invaded Ukraine, and close colleagues from a previous employer, people we see as close friends, are now refugees in their own country. Following the constant and dramatic news reports about the invasion is horrible. Having those own connections makes it even more tangible, receiving personal text messages from Ukraine conveying that this is indeed for real. It is difficult to enjoy our own progress and success. How the Ukrainian people are affected affects us. At the same time, we want to give the citizens a shoutout for how they fight for their country💙💛.

One of our core values is “caring”. During the last few days, we have been thinking quite hard about how to care in a meaningful way here and now. Talking to our children about the value of democracy is of course one, but again, how to actually help now?

We in Align Consulting AB and Align Consulting AS decided to donate via www.nerdaid.no. The Red Cross receives the money to turn it into aid on the ground.
We encourage everyone in our network to do the same💙💛